Adecat Auto

ADECAT is the company you can rely on when you need to ship both new and second hand cars and vans.


Transport is available throughout Romania and all over the EU.
We are licensed in international Transport and we’re also partnered with other shipping companies and with car dealers in the country and the EU.
Because we care about our customers safety, we’re always investing in both the fleet and our employees.

Our Services

Consultancy for car purchasing and transport




We offer specialized transport because we have a fleet that includes:

10 Mercedes and Volvo cars, Euro 5 and Euro 6 type lorries, 8/9 units

2 Iveco Euro 6 carriers newly purchased –

3 units.

We offer specialized, quality transportation

 for cars with high value insurance CMR LUTZ-Austria of 1.200.000 euros/truck

We transport luxury cars.

Car transport with euro 5 carriers
8 units

Car transport with euro 6 carriers
9 units

Car transport with euro 6 platforms
3 units

High value car transport, with CMR insurance of 1.200.000 EUR/truck

Consulting services
in car purchases

our fleet

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